Pets transport services

Pets transport services

Respecting the modern transportation needs of pet owners, Candia Taxi wants to inform you that we can take you and your four-legged friend to the desired destination.

Furthermore, we can provide transportation services beyond the usual, such as the transportation of your pet to a predetermined address e.g. a veterinary clinic without your  presence.

The transfer is made without additional charge, except for the cost of the legal route.

This gives you the opportunity to easily transport to any destination you wish, without the stress of urban transportation and without leaving your pet.The service serves destinations exclusively within Crete.

Μεταφορά κατοικιδίων & ζώων συντροφιάς

Terms and conditions of transport

  • Your pet should be dewormed

  • Maximum allowed weight is 12 kg

  • Cats should be kept in a transport cage

  • Have an up-to-date health booklet

  • In case of transport of an unaccompanied pet, the use of a transport cage is mandatory

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