Company’s history

Candia taxi

Candia taxi is a taxi transport company based in Heraklion Crete, founded in 2003 and aiming to offer safe and pleasant routes using the most modern systems, which are available for the convenience of the passenger and the professional drivers.

The company started with 20 members and over the years and its evolution, new members were added. Today the company consists of 80 well-trained members in order to work according to the high level of services set by the company.

Candia taxi has succeeded in being the taxi company that offers the highest level of transport with state-of-the-art and luxury vehicles, checked by the appropriate bodies to certify their safety and suitability. With multilingual guides who use the above technological means, they can quickly and consistently pick up the passenger from anywhere in Crete and transport them to their final destination safely, comfortably and economically.

Respecting the passenger, we serve any transportation needed. We have created partnerships with companies, travel agencies, agencies and hotels throughout Crete while serving our daily passengers; we strive every day for a new step of quality in the evolution of our course to date.

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